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Percy French Festival


The Percy French Festival – “Towards a Third Republic” – Castlecoote House, Co. Roscommon - 5th July to 7th July.

William Percy French (1 May 1854 – 24 January 1920) was one of Ireland's foremost songwriters and entertainers in his day. In more recent times, he has become recognised for his watercolour paintings as well.

"They are the Israelites and to them belong thesonship, the glory, thecovenants, the giving
of the law, the worship and the promises. To them belong the patriarchs, the scriptures and of their race, according to the fesh, is the Christ, God who is over all be blessed forever.Amen."
St Paul, Romans 9:4–5

This quotation from St. Paul painfully highlights a fact that most Christians either do not know or do not care to acknowledge.Isay ‘painfully’, because had Christianity’s indebtedness to Judaism been recognised, centuries of slander and persecution, climaxing in the atrocities of ourtime could have been avoided. Prof. Sean Freyne (1935–2013)

Myth & History examines research on selected texts from first-century and Palestine
and explores the worlds behind these texts.

Topics will include:
• Jewish & Christian history in ad first-century Palestine
• The ministry of women in emerging communities
• The Land, Gratitude, Transcendence
• From Passover to Pascha/Easter
• Emerging communities and their styles

January–May Timetable/fees
This lecture series runs from January to May 2017.
On each day there will be three lectures on its topic.
You may choose to atend all or individual days
as you wish. Daily fee: €50 including a light lunch.
Each day starts at 10am.

A new lecture series is scheduled to start in September.
For information on the lecturers and lectures please

CASTLECOOTE • CO. ROSCOMMON • +353(0)90 666 3794